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$10 Monthly Auto Donation
(includes unlimited HD stream access until cancelled)

$25 One Time Donation
(includes 3 months of HD stream access)

$50 One Time Donation
(includes 6 months of HD stream access)
$100 One Time Donation
(includes 12 months of HD stream access)

How does it work?

Once your donation is complete, Paypal gives you a username and password to access the stream.
When you click one of the links, your Player will ask you for the username and password
Paypal gave to you.  After you enter it, the stream will begin playing.


Winamp, I-Tunes, VLC, XMMS, most others (HD)
Windows Media Player (HD)
RealAudio Player (HD)

None of the above links work?  Try this one:
Windows Media Player #2 (HD)

What about my Network music player (Roku Soundbridge, ect)

You can use the HD stream on your Roku Soundbridge or other
network player by entering one the following custom links into the presets:

(192 Kbps full HD)

(96 Kbps for slower connections or crappy wireless links)

Be sure to replace username and password with that given to you by Paypal.

Can I test this thing before I donate?

Absolutely!  Here are LO-FI (low quality) test streams using the same authentication system.
If you can hear the free LO-FI stream, you will have no issues at all using the above HD stream.

Log on with the following username and password:
Username: test
Password: test

Winamp, I-Tunes, VLC, XMMS, most others (LO-FI)
Windows Media Player (LO-FI)
RealAudio Player (LO-FI)

None of the above links work?  Try this one:
Windows Media Player (LO-FI) #2

What if I donated and I can't get it to work?

Contact or the message board for help.
Remember, you are supporting beatbasement by donating.
This IS NOT a subscription radio service.

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